Books by Jonathan


DETERMINED TO WIN  – Life Interrupted.

Inspirational / Motivational / Medical  Drama / Fiction

DTW Cover

Reading for ages 16 and up.

Have you ever faced your mortality every day?  Find out how Janice did this and survived as she took on the the negative side of life and the negative attitudes of the medical community.

Purchase from:

From Amazon (Available in Ebook and or Paperback formats)

From Barnes e Noble (Available in ebook format only)




A Science Fiction Comedy

Entertaining Reading for Teens/ Young Adult / Adults

Escape From ADA-12 BookCoverImage

 A must Read Sci-Fi Comedy

An alien scares the daylights out of two teenage boys while they are playing in the woods.  Eventually, they get over their fear of the alien and learn something very interesting. They call in a friend of theirs, who is smarter, to help them with their mission.


Get your Kindle version and paperback from Amazon here .

Available in Spanish here.

Get your paperback copy on CreateSpace here .


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